Wifi Robot Update

I’m back to work on the Wifi robot. Here’s a quick re-cap:

Goal: build a simple robot that can be controlled VIA website

  • Mechanical Build
    • Design: Done
    • CAD/Vector Files: Done
    • Parts: Done (fabricated and ordered)
    • Assembly: Done
  • Electrical Build:
    • Motor Controllers: Chips in hand, need to design/build
    • Circuit Design: Not Started
  • Raspberry Pi (brains)
    • Wifi: RTL8192 Installed – works on home network
    • Webserver/website: Used cherrypy and jquery – works, but has limitations
    • Command Logic: Python script written to interpret keystrokes from website into motor outputs – done
    • GPIO script: In process

I’m nearing completion, but I haven’t put enough time into this blog to update pictures and publish code.

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