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Introducing Rorhbot – From FRC Team 3322

We are gearing up for competition this weekend at Howell and snapped a couple shots of our 2013 robot, “Rohrbot” – named for a former mentor who was instrumental in building our program.

Overall, the robot is fairly simple. It is designed to pick up the exercise balls from the floor using the gathering arm in front, and has a winch powered catapult that is designed for close range launches.

Rohrbot from FRC Team 3322

Good luck to all the teams! We look forward to sharing the fun with you.

Tech specs:
  • 6┬áCIM motors
  • 8 4″ Andymark performance wheels with nitrile rough-top tread
  • 2 VexPro 3-CIM ball shifters geared at 5.1:1 in high gear and 11:1 low gear
  • 2 US Digital encoders
  • Shifts automatically – no driver input needed
  • 40 lbs
Gathering Arm
  • 2 Banebots 775-12 motors on 4:1 planetary gearboxes for gathering
  • 2 Banebots 775-12 motors on 64:1 planetary gearboxes for moving arm
  • Nitrile rough-top tread and urethane belting for friction and drive
  • Potentiometer to measure arm angle
  • PID control for arm position
  • Surgical-tubing powered springs
  • 1 van door motor powering pull-back winch
  • Custom built gearbox with Andymark dog-gear method for engaging and disengaging the winch
  • Potentiometer for measuring catapult angle
  • Automatically retracts after launching
General Information
  • Pneumatics system with compressor on board
  • Streamlight 300 lumen flashlight for driver depth perception
  • 105 lbs total weight